The convenience of traditional VoIP with personalized service.

Large telecom providers are not always known for their customer service. With TS VoIP, you talk to the person who designed and sold the solution to you, installed it, trained your users, and knows your network. You get a single point of contact for everything, and you never deal with a call center.

VoIP for business anywhere, anytime.


Most customers save money using VoIP over traditional phone systems. TS can help you match the best service to your budget.

Easy to use

TS will get you set up and ready to roll! Training is simple and you’ll appreciate TS’s ongoing support.


Use it anytime, anywhere, on any device. VoIP is perfect for the way business works today!

If you have an internet connection, 

you can make a call.

VoIP uses your internet connection, helping you make the most of your telecommunications services and saving you money.

Get started today!

Let us help you get the best telecommunications services for the best price.