TS takes care of telecom so you can take care of your business.

We make it easy by:

  • Evaluating your telecom bills and data services to ensure you have the functionality and performance you need

  • Identifying appropriate carriers and solutions

  • Designing a plan that works for your budget and is flexible for the future

  • Analyzing proposals for new services

  • Managing installation and conversion of new service

  • Working with VoIP, IT, and other vendors to ensure the project runs smoothly

  • Providing a liaison with your provider for as long as you have the service

  • Keeping you up-to-date on new developments in technology that might benefit your business

  • Identifying and helping to resolve billing discrepancies


Here’s a breakdown of our services:



We help you protect your business from cyberthieves, spies, and ransomware.


Today, internet is essential. If your internet isn’t working, you’re not working. TS helps you make the best choice, whether that’s internet over fiber, ethernet over copper, cable, or fixed or cellular wireless.


Now more than ever, not all work happens in the office. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) helps your business stay on the move. TS helps identify the right solution for your business, which may include SIP trunking or hosted PBX. Don’t worry, we’ll explain all of that, so you know what you’re getting! With VoIP, you can get your entire company on the same flexible network that features rich voice, video, and messaging on a secure platform.

Business Continuity

If your office had a security breach or — heaven forbid — a fire, you’ll rest easier knowing that your data is secure with TS. We provide reliable data network setup and monitoring. Our Cloud services include disaster recovery, remote backup, remote desktop, infrastructure as a service, and hosted exchange.

Secure Remote Connectivity

Wherever you are, you need to be able to access your files. With TS remote connectivity, you get secure data network setup and monitoring.

Traditional Phone

We can package your services, or break out just what you need. If you’re looking for a traditional phone system, we have years of experience with PRI, fiber, integrated cable, analogue, and POTS.

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