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Is your business overpaying for outdated Phone, Internet, or Cloud solutions?

Telco is your one-stop-shop for Phone, Internet, Data, Cybersecurity, and Cloud services.

Expert Advocacy

TS works for you. We have no allegiance to a particular company or service provider. We look at the whole landscape and help you make the best choice.

Experienced Advice

TS team will leverage our experience to make sure you have the latest info in order to pick the perfect solution for your business.


The same team that sold you the solution and trained you on it will answer any questions you have. No more waiting on hold for a call center.

How to get the best solution in 3 easy steps:

Service — TS's relationship with the carriers and providers gives us the influence to negotiate better prices and resolve issues faster.

Install — Along with vendor engineers, we design and manage installation of the solution you choose. We also train your users where needed.

Analysis — We use our experience, along with solutions engineers, to understand your business needs in order to find the best path forward.

With Telco, you have access to trusted Cloud,
Cybersecurity, and VoIP carriers.

Get unbiased consulting at no charge to your business. 

TS represents every national carrier plus many specialized providers to meet any customer’s needs.

Get the best services and vendors for your business at the lowest price.

On average, TS customers save money with what they replace, but the real advantage is the efficiency and flexibility of the new services going forward. Our services come at no extra cost to our clients.

  • Rob Mals
    “TS's advice on which system to get was right on point. But even more than that, their follow-up was above and beyond. I’d hire them again just because of their customer service. Such a great group to work with!”
    Rob Mals
  • Jenny Banks
    “Choosing a new internet provider and phone service was going to be so complicated. I’m so thankful for Telco solution making my life easier and my business telecom so much better. They saved us money — and scored us more features!”
    Jenny Banks
    Dopel limited